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What are main components of the widely applied Butterfly valve?
April 20, 2014-CHINA-Butterfly valve is the main product of China valve manufacturer This product has been widely applied into the water volume controlling of the inlet pipeline of Medium-sized turbine. Now, the specialized engineer from this renewable China valve manufacturer will introduce with people main components of the Butterfly valve. 


The first part is the valve Body which could play the role of let the water goes through of it. It could also support the weight of the valve, withstand the operating forces and pass the water pressure.
Second part should be the shutter into the body. The function of this part is to cut off the water flowing when the device is closed. The basically requiring for this part should be the sufficient strength and good hydraulic characteristics. 

Third part of Butterfly Valve is shaft and bearing which could act as the role of supporting the weight of the shutter. Without the normally operation of this part, the shutter could not be totally played.
The lock spindle is another crucial component of butterfly valve. When the valve is fully closed or fully opened, the function of lock spindle is very necessary. 

The fifth part is the bypass valve and bypass pipe. The operation of this part could fully eliminate the vibration and other adversely force of the flowing water when the main valve is opened. 

After the introduction of bypass valve, the other related component should be the air valve which could play the role of complementing air and gas after the closing of the butterfly. It could prevent the damage of pipe caused by to vacuum and stricken. This valve has a hollow float suspended below the guide piston. The float is on the water in the hollow tube or spiral. In addition, the vent hole has directly connection with in the atmosphere which could be convenient to add or exhaust air to scroll and pipes. When the pipes and spirals are filled with water, the float will float to limited position and then the scroll and pipe will be separated from the atmosphere, which could prevent the situation of water spill. 

The other crucial part of the butterfly valve should be the sealing device, which function is to prevent leakage between the valve body and shutter. The rubber shroud is mounted on the valve body or shutter. When the shutter is closed, the rubber shroud will be filled with air and then the expansion of this rubber band will surround the gap. Before the opening of shutter, people should firstly exhaust the air into the rubber band. After the decreasing of size of rubber band, the shutter could be normally opened. 


At time point, the engineer from could say that all crucial components of the butterfly valve have been introduced. All of this information above is based on their high quality butterfly valve. If readers have related interesting about their products, please visit their official website. 

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