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NdFeB magnet will play more and more prominent role in the magnetic therapy
April 30, 2014-USA-NdFeB magnet belongs to one kind of high-end rare earth products. In addition to widely application in areas such as electronic devices, this kind of newly magnet product could also have great function in the field of medical equipments industry. As the introduction of engineer from famous China www.eh-magnets.com manufacturer E&H (Ningbo) Magnetics CO., LTD, this magnet product has been widely used in physics therapy. Now, let us know more information about the application of this magnet in medical device industry. 


As a result of the application of the normally ordinary magnet which the magnetic field effect is not prominent, the traditional magnetic therapy could not get good curing effect and then it could not raise the attention of the medical community around world. Since the development of NdFeB magnet, due to its excellent magnetic properties and the magnetic field which magnetic field has same characteristic with the human biological magnetic field, it has widely used in the NdFeB medical field. Compared to traditional magnetic effect, the China Magnets Supplier will pay the more prominent role and its stable performance will become the more and more highlighting point of this newly product. 

The magnetic effect of the NdFeB magnet could be directly acted on the body to correcting the body's own magnetic field. By this kind of medical function, people body's bio-electromagnetic energy could be largely enhanced and then it could do good to the cleaning of the meridians, increasing brain blood oxygen, reducing cortical excitability of peripheral nerves, increases lung, spleen, liver, and other organs and local perianal's blood and oxygen supplying to promote local blood circulation, reducing capillary permeability and many other functions. From this description, each reader should know why this kind of product could be commonly used in physical therapy to defense a variety of diseases. The main reason must be its good curing effect. 

However, there are also some people who have some doubt about the therapy effect of the NdFeB magnet. But, as the truly experience of medical industry, the using of NdFeB magnet could help their related therapy equipment enhance the curing effect to following disease: 

First, it has good effect to nervous system diseases such as insomnia, neurasthenia, headaches and so on. 

Second, it could do good effect to musculoskeletal system disorders such as cervical disease, osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, disc and so on. 

Furthermore, Other diseases such as hypertension, cerebral insufficiency, cerebral blood flow is slow, cerebral infarction, multiple system diseases, bronchitis, asthma , hemorrhoids, constipation and others could also be effectively cured by the related medical equipments with the NdFeB magnet 


As the description of engineer from E&H (Ningbo) Magnetics CO., LTD, there are major parts of their clients belong to the industry of medical equipments manufacturing. 

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