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How to better make and mix the high class chicken feed ingredients?
April 29, 2014-China- How to make and mix the high quality Chicken Feed Ingredients? This should be the commonly puzzle for each chicken feeder. The appropriate mixed Chicken Feed Ingredients could promote the development of little chicken and let these small animals get good healthy. Now, the technician from famous China Rabbit Feed Ingredients manufacturer and supplier Nanning Zeweier Feed Co., Ltd will introduce some basically points about how to better deploy the high quality Chicken Feed Ingredients. 


First, each feeder needs to fully consider the sorts, age, growth stage and laying rate of chicken before the mixing of Feed Ingredients. On the other hand, they need also pay more attention to the standard reference in the corresponding range of indicators and combining with actual conditions and practices to mix the feeding diets for chicken. 

Secondly, in addition to the cheap price, each chicken feeder needs to try to rigorous select the quality of these feeding chicken diets. However, this article suggests each interested reader about the high quality China supplier . 

Thirdly, in mixing process of the Horse Feed Ingredients, each feeder need to carefully consider the diverse of the chicken diet. That is to say the nutrients need to be complementary and comprehensive. Furthermore, they need to reduce the amount of expensive additives which will have a long term harming to chicken¡¯s healthy. Please pay attention to use the feeding ingredients with the ability of fresh, non-mildew, clean, palatability and low crude fiber content. 

Fourthly, after a combination of these chicken feeding diets, people need to do the rough calculation about the nutrients differences in these diets and then taking into account the amount of additive. In a word, the nutritional elements into these feeding products need to reach to the perfect balance condition. 

At last, each feeder needs to know that the mixing standard of the chicken feed diet should be relative stability. If the feeder could not avoid the mixing standard changing, this changing process should be taken as slowly as possible. This is because the rapidly changing of the feeding diets mixing standard can cause into the situation of indigestion and then it will affect the development of these chicken and the growth of chicken egg. 


However, the main principle is that the chicken is also the living creature and they have many same physiological like human. Many human¡¯s commonly disease could also taken place on these small living creatures. So, the feeding for these creatures is also very crucial part in the daily work of each chicken feeder. 

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