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What are the main materials of your cute iPhone cases?
April 30, 2014-China-Each girl who uses iPhone wants to get the cute cases which should be also one kind of showing off for them. However, does each girl know about the different materials for these cases? Different materials have different functions decorating and others. Now, let the editor from antique jewelry online seller describe these different materials for phone cases. 

Plastic Case 

The plastic case should have the largest number of supplying and demanding in the iPhone cases market. The generally main materials should be based on the main PC shell material and the better related products will be added a little bit TPS and other raw materials. Generally speaking, the phone cases made of the plastic materials have good toughness. The main regions where produced this kind of cases should be Japan, China mainland and. The genuine shell of iPhone such as the same product from has used high quality exported raw materials and the final products will be passed the strict quality control processes. 

Silicone shell 

This sort of iPhone cases has higher level than the former plastic shell. People need to learn enough knowledge about the silicone shell material. This is very crucial because the price of the ring bracelet made by good and poor silicone has several times¡¯ difference. In general, the materials silicone phone cases are required to be environmentally friendly and biodegradable. On the other hand, the identification methods for the good quality Silicone Case generally relate to the smell taste. The high quality has good taste and the badly one has very badly favor. 

TPU Case 

This is one kind of very special iPhone cases. As the special material, the outside heat can let the TPU cases be repeatedly changed shade. This kind of material also has the name of soft plastic. Because this material is inexpensive, so there are many manufacturers use this raw materials to make the iPhone shell. However, there are also some disadvantages of the phone cases made of this material. This phone shell is little thick and the heat dissipation of this sort of shell is not strong. On the other hand, as the features of this special material, many personality patterns cannot be printed on it so the fashionable features of this product is not very good. 

Metal Cases 

For the metal cases, they usually adopt the stainless steel, aluminum, iron and other metal materials as the major production materials. Advantages of this sort of Iphone cases should be the textured appearance, personality feeling, high resistance for dropping, easy to be cleaned and others.
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